"Each year we try to do things better. We painstakingly control the work in the vineyard, we optimize the dates for harvesting and try to improve our winemaking process.

And all with great enthusiasm and an exaggerated passion for our work"

M. Usabiaga. Winemaker

Our project for the future

Oour philosophy is to make red wines which are pleasant and easy to drink, yet at the same time available in the shops at an affordable price.

Young wines conceived with fine quality parameters and different blends of grapes depending on their destination and how they are stored.

Wines we can be proud of

We have always avoided the straitjacket imposed by the rules of the appellations. Conforming to their regulations makes it hard to introduce improvements through the use of new varieties or choosing different dates for bottling when we think the wine is ready for drinking.

All our products are different, with independent, improved monitoring and timings, both of fermentation and conservation.

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Bodegas Usabiaga. Ctra. de Navaridas, s/n. Tfno.: 945 621 204. 01300 Laguardia. Álava. Spain